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250 HP Fan Repair and Motor Rewind

In the summer of 2007, we were contacted by a New York Power Plant to troubleshoot an ongoing issue with (2) 250HP two speed blowers. These blowers cooled a main exhaust tunnel in New York City. The situation was critical because excessive heat would cause Black Outs. When the blowers operated at low speed, they ran fine. At high speed, however, the motors made a loud wining sound and created excessive vibration throughout the building.

We began the process of diagnostic testing and gathered data to determine the root cause. Our technicians performed a field hi pot test and discovered an issue with the motor winding. When the fan was running at high speed, it drew excessive amperage. We discovered that the adjustable inlet guide vanes on the blowers were rusted in a full open position causing motor overload and excessive amperage draw.

K&G Power Systems removed the first motor, rewound it in our shop, re installed it, laser aligned the two pulleys, changed all belts, unfroze the guide vanes and re positioned the vanes within spec of the motor nameplate amperage. We also installed a lubrication system that would prevent the inlet vanes from freezing, and fabricated custom adjustment levers with locks. After the first blower was completely overhauled, the New York Power Plant requested that we repair the second blower to restore it to original factory specs.

The New York Power Plant was extremely pleased with our work and stated that the fans never ran as well as they do now.

Job Details:

• Troubleshoot Motor and System with Portable Test Equipment
• Rewind of 250HP Two Speed Slower Motor
• Remove, Re install and Retrofit