Fleet tracking and field service dispatch software

Fleet tracking and field service dispatch software

Manage your vehicles, jobs and workers from one dispatch software platform.

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One system for GPS fleet tracking and dispatch software

Field service companies have to juggle communication between technicians in the field, customers on the phone and dispatchers behind a screen. Our combined fleet tracking and dispatch software allows you to manage it all with one system, one log-in.

Key benefits

  • See vehicles alongside job status on a live map
  • Respond more quickly to emergency jobs
  • Easily schedule and dispatch jobs to techs in the field
  • Get more jobs done and work more efficiently


See the status and activity of all your vehicles

Visibility is critical for field service companies. With our live map, you can see where vehicles are and what their job status is. You can quickly see which vehicle is closest to an emergency job and dispatch that job to the tech in the field on their mobile app. Better visibility also helps you provide better ETAs to your customers.

Learn more about near real-time tracking

Scheduling and dispatch

Easily schedule and manage jobs with dispatch software

With a drag-and-drop scheduling calendar, adding jobs and dispatching them to techs is easy. Your techs can see their schedule on a mobile app and provide updates back to the office on job status. Improve communication among dispatchers, techs and customers with service dispatch software.

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Driver behavior/unauthorized use

Track driver behaviors and routes

Coaching drivers is easier when you have data. Receive alerts and view dashboards on driver behaviors like speeding or harsh braking, so you can offer better coaching. Use route replay to see what route a driver took and use geofences to know when a vehicle enters or exits certain geographic locations.

Learn about driver behaviors and routes

Vehicle maintenance

Set up vehicle maintenance reminders

To help prevent major breakdowns and plan for vehicle downtime, our system allows you to set service reminders by vehicle. Send alerts to mechanics when vehicles are due for routine maintenance. If a vehicle does break down, drivers can use roadside assistance to get them back on the road quickly.


Follow the leader in fleet management

KMZ MOTOR is the largest commercial fleet management provider in the world.2 As a leader, we offer a comprehensive implementation, installation and training experience once you become a customer. Plus, your software runs on Verizon’s reliable network.

Case study

See how Bill Howe Plumbing improved safety and vehicle maintenance for their drivers.

It can help my customers, it helps me watch my drivers, cuts down on accidents—that just saves everybody money and time.

Bill Howe
President of Bill Howe Family of Companies
Bill Howe Plumbing

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