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Pump Station Service

Job Details:

Town of Riverhead – Sanitary Sewer Upgrade at the Calverton Sewer District Ball Field Pump Station

Town of Riverhead/Calverton Sewer District

Summary: Upgrade the Ball Field Pump Station in the Calverton Sewer District: Temporary sanitary wastewater pumping systems, remove and replace column ejector system with new duplex submersible sewage pumps and control system, install online stand-by backup Generator, install new primary PSEG transformer and PSEG Meter, install new 20’ NEMA 4 Stainless Steel Electrical Rack (ECBs, ATS, Main Breaker Panelboard, Disconnects, Duplex Pump Controls and SCADA System), all secondary electrical, pump slides, DIP Piping, Plug Valves and Check Valves.  Replaced all hatches, manhole castings, handrails and pump hoists.  Performed all excavating, site work and rigging.

Prime Contractor, Site Work, Mechanical and Plumbing.

Service Details:

Project Management: 
   ·Submittals, CPM Schedules, Weekly Schedules, Weekly Meetings, Toolbox Safety Talks.
   ·Temporary Facilities, Construction Fencing and Storage Container.
   ·On-site Foreman and Project Manager.
   ·Coordinated work with Town of Riverhead and PSE

Excavating & Site Work: 
   ·Utility Locating Service.
   ·Excavated and installed new PSEG Transformer Vault. 
   ·Excavated 100’ of new secondary electrical service. 
   ·Excavated, formed and poured concrete footings for new 20’ long electrical rack.
   ·Excavated, formed and poured Generator Pad.
   ·Demolished and replaced (2) Concrete Manhole Castings and (1) 70” x 32” Concrete Access Hatch.
   ·Cut 8” Concrete Pump Station Floor to accommodate larger submersible sewage pumps.  Fabricated Custom Aluminum Access Hatches.
   ·Installed Pump Removal Hoists.
   ·Installed exterior light poles.  

Plumbing and Mechanical Work: 
   ·Supply and install temporary primary and back up pumps with new temporary controls.
   ·Demolish existing column elector pumps.
   ·Remove existing DIP Pipe.
   ·Install new pump slides, DIP Pipe, CVs, Plug Valves and Pumps.
   ·Confined Space Certified.

   ·Managed all aspects of new PSEG Electrical Service.
   ·Scheduled Shutdowns.
   ·Onsite Project Manager to guide and manage Electrical Sub-Contractor.
   ·Sourced and supplied Stainless Steel and PVC Coated Explosion Proof Electrical Devices.
   ·All Electrical Submittals by KMZ-Motor.